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  • panoramic walk



Quick Details

Access the Tate Modern panoramic floor

Enter St Paul’s Cathedral for th evening songs

Visit the Borough Market

Walk beneath the thousand-year-old walls of the Tower of London, the castle was a royal residence in the Middle Age, a prison for illustrious people, a bulwark against riots, and today is home to the Beefeater Guardians, to and the legendary ravens and is the vault of the Crown Jewels.

Enter St. Katherine’s Dock, admire the old sailing ships and experience the atmoshere of the ancient port.

Cross the Tower Bridge and when you reach the opposite bank, the most famous drawbridge in the world will have no more secrets.

Visit two cathedrals, one will take you back in time to the Middle Ages and the other to the glories of the English Baroque.

Climb to the panoramic 10th floor in the new Tate Modern building, thrilled with the unparalleled view correlated by our explanations. Name us monuments, neighborhoods, parks and we will be happy to point them to you!

Explore a typical food market held from Monday to Saturday and taste its specialties.

Walk the Millennium Bridge, the pedestrian bridge symbol of the regeneration that involved the riverside with the advent of the new millennium, making the walk along the Thames one of the most vibrant and full of surprises in the capital.

Find yourself at the foot of the tallest skyscraper in Europe, Renzo Piano’s futuristic Shard and listen why it’s considered a vertical city.

Be amazed by the architectural contrasts that characterize the panorama of this tour. The imposing skyscrapers of the city and the fascinating historical legacies that are reflected in the Thames such as the old pubs, the Shakespeare Theater and the Golden Hinde sailing ship of the corsair Francis Drake.

Stroll through a succession of film locations set on the banks of the river to captivate the public: James Bond, Bridget Jones, Mission Impossible, Paddington, Trainspotting, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Match Point, Shakespeare in Love.

Experience the evening songs in St Paul’s Cathedral while enjoying the fantastic architecture, many of our visitors said taht the chants give an exceptional sense of calm and meditation.