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Premier League Tickets

Buying Premier League tickets has never been easier! Chelsea tickets and all Premier League teams!

London’s stadiums and teams are famous all over the world, and more and more Italians like to experience English football in the capital.
Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Fulham FC, West Ham United, QPR, Millwall, Charlton and Crystal Palace. Tickets can be sent home, left at the hotel or delivered by hand directly if you participate in our tours. Buffet, dinner, and London stage tour packages are available .


We can also find offers for:


Tickets for Wimbledon
Tickets for the capital one cup final 2015 (10) at the Wembley stadium
Tickets for the Champions League at the Emirates Stadium and Stamford Bridge
Euro 2016 tickets at the Wembley stadium
Tickets for the FA Cup at the Wembley Stadium
Tickets for the Europa League at White Hart Lane