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A journey through time to compose that fantastic puzzle that is the History of Man

Quick Details

Guided tour of the British Museum

Tour optimal even in case of bad weather

Meet your guide and visit the oldest room in the museum, the hall is namend “Enlightenment Gallery” and traces the origin of the museum, walk its 91 meters to see how the world appeared to the English scholars in the 1700s.

Come face to face with majestic statues of kings and deities, such as the bust of pharaoh Ramses II and a Moai from Easter Island. Get a closer look at the Rosetta Stone which allowed the Egyptologists of the British Museum to decipher the hieroglyphs.

Investigate the meaning of death in Ancient Egypt inside rooms crowded with mummies, magic books and stuffed animals. Touch objects that are thousands of years old in the “Hands On” sections. Explore the unique identity of Roman-Britain through mosaics, sculptures, glass and metal artifacts.

Experience the charm of the mythological tales that emerge from the Friezes of the Parthenon in Athens. Enrich your knowledge of Japan in a beautiful gallery that reveals the civilization of the Rising Sun from samurai armor to manga.

Get on the famous London double-decker bus towards “Alternative London”: Camden Town

Discover the most original parts of Camden Town Market, get carried away in a whirlwind of colors, scents and whimsical objects! Camden Town Market is synonymous with vintage, quirky and irreverent shopping.