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A neighborhood in London is rooted far in time and space, it originates with the Crusades in the Holy Land, we reveal the London of the Templars!

Find out how the Temple church was born, what it tells the modern visitor, browse a chapter of History that myths and legends keep open. The suggestion of this place has attracted the great cinema to set Da Vinci Code, Sherlock Holmes and other famous films and series.

Walking in these alleys, among ancient buildings and small gardens, you will discover one of the most fascinating faces of London! We are therefore on Fleet Street, the historic street of the newspapers, which owes its name to the Fleet river.

Visit the Twinings shop and step back in time to 1706 when Thomas Twining started selling an exotic and expensive product: tea! Who would have imagined that a global industry would develop from that little commercial venture at number 216 on the Strand? The shop boasts three centuries of life; it opened in 1706 in the place where it is now!

We enter the City on a double decker and once we are by St. Paul’s Cathedral we jump off to visit the Museum of London. The museum trough the objects and the splendid reconstructions tells you about the desires, the challenges, the successes and the misfortunes of the Londoners. The essence of a city is not made so much by the buildings as by its inhabitants, what the architectures silence might be revealed by the everyday objects. Finally Immerse yourself in the Victorian London thanks to the Victorian Walk, a real path between Victorian shops reconstructed using the original materials.