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Quick Details

Guided tour of the National Maritime Museum

Optimal even in case of bad weather, the boat is covered

Ferry tickets on the river Thames included

Set sail on the Thames, pass under the most famous bridges in London such as the Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge, the boat ride lasts 40 minutes and is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be done in London, for tourists and londoners alike.

Reach the Royal Borough of Greenwich, take a picture of the Cutty Sark sailing ship and listen its oceanic adventures.

Enter the National Maritime Museum, admire the fantastic collection of models of sailing ships, immerse yourself in a new interactive section showing the naval battle of Trafalgar. Look closely at the goods imported by the East India Company, smell the scent of spices, discover the protagonists of its trade, the conflicts, the rebellions that marked its end and its impact on today’s world.

Find a unique gift in the museum shop, the items are original and inspired by the sea, global exploration, the Cutty Sark and the night sky.

Follow the steps of Robert Scott in Antarctica, James Cook in Oceania and the corsair Francis Drake in South America.

Stroll through the colonnades of the Old Naval College which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Enter the royal palace The Queen’s House, admire its Palladian architecture and the famous portrait of Elizabeth I which has gone down in history as the “Portrait of the Armada”. Greenwich is a royal village, its evolution is intertwined with the Tudor dynasty, here was born Henry VIII and his two daughters who would have been the first English queens.

Experience the atmosphere of a typical London park inside Greenwich Royal Park.

Hear the history of the famous Greenwich Astronomical Observatory, see the Meridian Zero line and photograph yourself halfway between the East and West of the Earth’s Globe.

Observe the most beautiful view of London from the Observatory’s hill.

Visit the Greenwich craft market and get lots of tips on what to do after the tour.