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Tour suitable for all ages

Optimal in case of bad weather

The historic pubs offer an exceptional thematic tour to visit London at night, to have fun and discover the English culture.

Drink the Ales, discover the difference between the Ales and the Lagers and satissy your curiosity about the world of beers. Sit between centuries-old walls and let yourself be fascinated by the stories related to these places, many have celebrities as protagonists.

Enter a pub that was a den of pirates and smugglers, when there were renovations in the 19th century, ingenious hiding places for smuggled goods emerged. A Mission Impossible scene was filmed in the same venue with Tom Cruise exceptionally at rest chatting and enjoying the view from the terrace.

Still speaking of cinema, the tour takes you through the locations of the Harry Potter films, Bridget Jones’s diaries and of course James Bond. We also take you to those pubs that are known for their literary associations: Charles Dickens, Conan Doyle and Samuel Johnson and more!

Cross the Millennium Bridge in the most evocative promenade of London By Night, you can admire the splendor of the illuminated St. Paul’s Cathedral and take beautiful photos of London’s skyscrapers.

Did you know that the first taverns in England, ancestors of pubs, were built by the Roman legions along with the streets?

Over the centuries, these institutions have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to adapt to historical changes and have also partly changed their function, if once they were at the service of travelers, today they are the favorite places for social gathering.

Pubs play an important role in the English society, they are frequented by everyone, if you think that the British are cold and taciturn it is because you have never entered one.