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  • Emirates Cable and drink in a riverside pub included



Quick Details

Fly on the Emirates Airline cable 90 metres (300ft) above the river Thames

Travel the Docklands Ligh Railway

Discover the Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Visit an original Rum and Sugar Warehouse of the 1802

Enjoy the Sailortown immersive experience at the London Docklands Museum

Step inside an historic pub of the 1520 and enjoy an Ale with a stunning river view

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Cross the river Thames 90 m (300 ft) high on the Emirates Airline Cable, spot the Olympic Tower, the Greenwich Observatory and take the most amazing pictures of the Docklands and of the London Skyline.

Catch the most entertaining London train, the automated light metro that runs on the Docklands Railway, pass by Billingsgate Fish Market that is the UK’s largest inland fish market and reach the visionary district of Canary Wharf.

At the turn of the XIX century London was the world’s busiest port, a century after, following decades of abandonment, the Old Port became the stage of the biggest european regeneration program, we share with you the extraordinary challenges and the outcome of the London Docklands Regeneration.

Discover the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, it’s a giant exotic greenhouse, the meridian line split in two sections, on the East side plants from Asian, on the West American and Oceania. Enjoy the contrast between the gardens and the huge modern buildings behind it!

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Enter a warehouse of the 1802, It was built at the time of the transatlantic slave trade to store the sugar from the West Indian plantations where enslaved men, women and children worked. Learn the London Docklands History trought the highlights of the Docklands Museum, meet the merchants, sailors and pirates who transformed the port of the capital. The galleries tell the story of how ships sailed from London to India and China and brought back cargoes of spices, tea and silk, how the trade in enslaved Africans and sugar shaped London. Feel the atmosphere of the Sailortown, explore its dark alleyways in the immersive reconstruction.

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Wonder along the Thames in a quiet and elusive part of the capital, be fascinated by the remains of the port: the abandoned warehouse with their faded lettering, the ruins of the abandoned pier, the rust tower crane and the old pubs. Walk in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes that is often drawn to the docks to follow his investigation’s trail.

If you like water sports you’ll be delighted to see that the Docklands is the London’s hub for these activities: Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle, Swimming, Cable Wakeboarding, Hydrofoiling and few more.

Step inside The Prospect of Whitby a riverside historic pub dating from around 1520. Drink an ale facing the river for a true London Experience!