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Taxi tour and entrance tickets to the Roman Baths of Bath with audio guide

Visit Bath in one day

Explore one of the best preserved Roman bathing complex, enter the tallest Cathedral in England which among the many treasures preserves the Magna Carta Libertatum

NB The activity is without tour guide, only taxi and entrance tickets

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Berkshire and Wiltshire, counties with a diverse landscape that have delighted and inspired generations of authors. The plains are covered with cultivated fields, isolated trees and villages, the valleys are wooded and crossed by rivers.

Enter the Roman Baths of Bath and explore an incredible underground world, the complex is huge and exceptionally well preserved, the hot water pool can be admired in its original splendor. Explore a series of rooms that were used for baths at different temperatures, for massages and spa treatments. Surprise yourself with the latest generation multimedia reconstructions and the wealth of archaeological finds. Let yourself be fascinated by the tales of how the Ancient Romans lived in the city of Aquae Sulis 2000 years ago.

Follow an architectural itinerary that has no equal, the Georgian-style architecture with its typical honey color is those of Jane Austen‘s stories. Breathtaking places pop up around almost every corner. Photograph the Royal Crescent and The Circus which are the most coveted addresses in the city, visit Bath Abbey, admire the magnificent fan vaults, the interior is very bright due to the stained glass windows, the church is a jewel of International Gothic.

Walk through the Royal Victoria Park which, perched on the hill, houses a magnificent botanical garden and offers precious panoramic views. Cross the Pulteney Bridge: Completed in 1774, the bridge brings a touch of Italy to Bath. Inspired by the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and lined with shops on both sides, it is one of only four structures of its type in the world.

a bridge over a body of water

Try typical products in the the famous Bath Guildhall Market which is the oldest shopping spot in the city and today a colorful group of twenty or so street vendors trade in this gem of a building in the heart of the city.

Continue the tour to visit Salisbury, the Cathedral represents a majestic example of English Gothic, be enchanted by the beauty of the stained glass windows. In a church nave you see the oldest still working clock in the world, it was built in 1386!

The cathedral holds three records in England: it has the largest cloister and precinct and the highest spire.

Look closely at the Magna Charta Libertatum (1215 AD), a royal charter of rights that is considered by many the foundation of freedom of the individual against the authority of the despots, the archetype of the modern constitutional charters.

Kingsbridge Cathedral of The Pillars of the Earth it’s been inspired by the Salisbury Cathedral

The London Salisbury journey usually takes 2 hours by taxi, Salisbury Bath 1 hour, London Bath 2 hours 30 minutes.