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Quick Details

Tickets included for the train and attraction entrances

Discover the oldest public museum in the world

Visit Christ Church College and the Oxford Cathedral

Enter Balliol College and the “Divinity School” where Harry Potter was filmed

Travel through the countryside between London and Oxford following a scenic journey along the River Thames.

Get inside Balliol College, walk through its gardens, visit the chapel and the refectory. The college has been in operation since 1263, where the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson studied, and was writing mocking articles in the university newspaper.

See the radios that Guglielmo Marconi tested in England and the blackboard with the equation written by Einstein during a lesson on the Universe.

Access the “Divinity School” a medieval room with an astonishing fan vault, this room is part of the “Bodleian Library” one of the oldest libraries in the world and the largest university library.

Discover a pub dating back to 1200, its walls displaying thousands of ties have a story to tell …

Visit the Cathedral of Oxford, it has the uniqueness of serving also as a college chapel, here Romanesque and Gothic architectural characters blend, illuminated by the fantastic painted windows.

Explore the “Hall” that inspired the Great Hall of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter film saga. Let the guide introduce the characters portrayed on the walls, the names will be familiar to you: Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland in the college garden.

City of dreaming spiers” thus a famous poetic verse recalls the harmony of the oxfordian architecture, come with us to a panoramic view point to experience the enchantment.

Finally let yourself be welcomed by a wide range of colors and aromas in a characteristic covered market. A unique showcase for the best of local crafts and food. The construction dates back to 1770, the activities are independent and some have been handed down for several generations.