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Explore the halls that you’ve seen in the award-winning Downton Abbey series, the castle grounds and gardens

Discover the villages of Bibury and Burton-on-the-water in the heart of the Cotwolds

Visit the exhibition on the discovery of the Tutankhamun tomb

Highclere Castle ticket, exhibition and gardens included

Private taxi

NB The tour is not inclusive of the tour guide, only driver and entrance tickets


The palace is an architectural masterpiece in the Anglo-Italian style, in which the English “Tudor” stylistic features are blended with the Italian Renaissance ones. The architect is Sir Charles Berry, the same of the Houses of Parliament in London, the building that you admire today dates back to the early nineteenth century, but the history of the manor has its roots in the eighth century AD, when it was owned by the Archbishop of Winchester.

For lovers of the famous TV series, visiting the castle and gardens is an exciting dive into the Downton Abbey set. In each room where they shot there are photos showing some scenes of the serial with captions. You can visit the library, some bedrooms and of course the beautiful representation hall that inevitably brings the thought of Lady Mary.

Surprise yourself for the attention to detail: the details are unique and unobtainable in other castles: the writing paper in the desks, the water on the bedside tables, the soaps in the bathrooms, small details that make the rooms come alive.

The famous owner George Herbert, Duke of Carnarvon, financed the expedition that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, and today you can visit the exhibition on the discovery of the tomb and the Egyptian collections of the Duke in six dedicated rooms.

Highclere Castle is set in 1,000 acres of spectacular parkland, designed for the 1st Earl of Carnarvon by famed 18th century landscape gardener “Capability” Brown.

You are welcome to explore the original Monk’s Garden, the White Border, the Wood of Goodwill, the Rose Arbor, the Wildflower Meadow and even closer to home, the Healing Herb Garden.

Find the six architectural whims of 700 ‘scattered in the park, they can be suggestive frames for your photos. For example, the Jackdaw Castle on the eastern meadows offers an enchanting view of the main palace, the Etruscan Temple is a place to sit and admire the woods of Siddown Hill, while the temple of Diana overlooks the lake.

The park and gardens are framed by a collection of magnificent cedar trees, first imported to England in the 18th century.

a lavish living room


The hilly countryside of the Cotswolds offers 2000 km² of unspoiled nature, secluded river valleys, countless paths, picturesque honey-colored stone villages, markets, cozy inns, tea rooms, medieval churches scattered in the green.

Visit two postcard villages, one stop is Bibury to photograph Arlington Row, a row of cottages with a fairytale charm, where time seems to have stopped. Another stop can be Burton-on-the-water with its rustic and rural charm, or the town of Castle Combe or Bampton if you want to continue the tour of Downtown Abbey, Bampton which, to be clear, is the village of Downton: Crawley House, Downton Cottage Hospital, Post Office and St. Mary’s Church.