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Welcome to Kent! History and wonderful landscapes will be the setting for a special day

Quick Details

Taxi tour with private driver

Visit of Canterbury Cathedral with audio guides

Scenic route on the white cliffs of Dover

Travel through the Kent’s countryside made of bright green orchards and grasslands. Arriving in Canterbury stop to photograph the Westgate Gardens and the Westgate Tower.

Enter the walls that divide the town from the cathedral and enter into another era. The noises remain outside and the cathedral rises in all its majesty. The tomb of Henry IV, Joan of Navarre and the Black Prince are fascinating, along with those of numerous archbishops. Stroll through the medieval cloister, admire the stained glass windows and the very high vaults. Discover the monument dedicated to the martyr Thomas Becket and bring back the school memories of the “Tales of Canterbury“. Descend into the crypt, the crypt dating back to 1100 forms a large and complex church in itself, with apse and chapels, below the Trinity Chapel was the original burial site of Thomas Becket.

Reach the White Cliffs of Dover, if the weather is nice you can see the French coasts on the other side of the Channel, if the weather is bad take refuge in the visitor center to see the waves crashing on the harbour and the boats at the mercy of the sea, enjoy a tea and a slice of cake!

Green, White, Blue the path is a riot of colors, and it is wonderful to walk in the company of seagulls, wild bunnies running from one den to another and the Exmoor Ponies grazing the grass keeping the prairies clean. The rare habitat of the chalk grasslands creates an abundance of wildlife, from birds to butterflies to wildflowers, which thrive in their cliff-top “home”.