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Quick Details

Experience an authentic British sea side experience in the capital of creativity

Attraction and train tickets included in the price

Visit the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum

Explore the famous victorian pier and the Lanes

Shop vintage

Take the London Brighton train and enjoy a fantastic journey through scenic landscapes of moorland, historic villages and wide valleys. Admire the countryside of Surrey and Sussex and when you step off the train smell the sea.

Brighton has the qualities to imprint itself in memory and never go away, its white and nostalgic architecture refers to the splendor of the nineteenth century, but the streets are lively, colorful and extravagant.

Stroll through the Lanes, a labyrinth of narrow streets with strange shops and find items that you would’t find otherwise. In the middle of old vinyls, handcrafted vegan shoes, vintage clothes, shopping in Brighton is an experience in itself.

Brighton has gained an international reputation in recent years for its murals scattered around the city, admire and photograph the most amazing art works with your guide.

Visit the Royal Pavilion, a Thousand and One Nights palace in the city center, its exotic and opulent architecture is unmatched in England and was built as an entertainment palace by King George IV, the greatest patron of the arts since the times of King Charles I. The royal residence provoked a critical response at the beginning of the nineteenth century for the pomp and use that was made of it. Today you can discover the halls for the galas dinners with oriental decorations, the lounges for gambling and performing shows, it’s truly a window on the entertainment and escapes of the Georgian elite.

Explore the collections of the Brighton Museum & Art Galleries, Brighton has a reputation as a fun-loving city and open mindness, through a range of innovative rooms displaying design objects, clothes, works of art think the characteristics traditionally associated with the city and how they reflect its history.

Enter the Brighton Pier, designed in the Victorian era and part of a family of seaside piers built in England for leisure and fun, it’s one of the things to see in Brighton: Fish & Chips, cotton candy, rides and the ever-present deck chairs at lines for a long walk in the ocean.

Brighton’s creative vibe has always attracted artists, actors and musicians in particular, as you walk around you might recognize some famous faces! Here are some more or less regular residents: Paul McCartney, Nick Cave, Adele, Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Fatboy Slim, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett.