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Enjoy Exclusive Tours in this Private Tour

Private tours give you the opportunity to carry out our itineraries on days and times other than calendar tours. In addition, with this option, we can create ad hoc itineraries, therefore personalized tours!

The quality of our guides in the calendar tours is the same as the private tours, equal passion, energy, and care for the participants, however, the private options are distinguished by additional services:

  • Meeting with the guide in the hotel or in a place of your choice
  • Assistance in purchasing tickets for vehicles or direct delivery of the same
  • Personalized itineraries and timetables
  • The possible use of taxis
  • Guided tours of attractions with paid entrance
  • Excursions outside London

There are visits that we carry out only for privately and some of them do not appear elsewhere on the site:

  • Parliament building on the occasion of parliamentary sessions
  • Drive from the London Eye, The Shard or the Sky Garden (day or evening)
  • Templar area and Palace of Justice
  • Temple of English Masonry
  • Auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s
  • Courtald Gallery
  • Wallace Collection
  • Science Museum
  • Docklands Museum
  • Temporary exhibitions on request

If you are oriented to private tours just to avoid being in large groups we would like to tell you that in the calendar options we have small groups thanks to the limited number.

When planning the views, you may also want to combine private tours with calendar tours.