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Explore the National Collection of British Art

An unforgettable lesson of History of Art among the works of Turner, Constable, Blake and the protagonists of international Modern Art

Set sail on the Thames with the Tate to Tate ferry service to see London’s famous landmarks from a unique perspective, the ticket is included in the tour price

Enjoy the London skyline view from the rooftop bar at the Tate Modern

At Tate Britain visit the collections following a chronological order and the retrospective rooms dedicated to the British protagonists. At the Tate Modern, on the other hand, visit the collection following thematic rooms that juxtapose artwworks with different backgrounds and dare original combinations.

The Tate Galleries are at the forefront of the debate on art, cultural diversity and the role of the museum. In the 21st century, their collections have increased with works by female artists, LGBTQ + artists and ethnic minorities following the commitment to eliminate pre-existing imbalances.

Tate Modern

Enter the room with Mark Rothko‘s Seagram canvases, the light is reduced and the space compact, the layered surfaces slowly emerge revealing their solemn and meditative character.

Look closely at the works of Picasso, Warhol, Dali, De Chirico, Cezanne, Pollock, Matisse, and then the Italian masterpieces of Futurism and Arte Povera.

Find artists confronting social ideals and historical realities, art has always provided a mirror to contemporary society, raising awareness on pressing issues or supporting change.

Test the boundaries between “high culture” and “low culture“, the synergies between art and crafts, art and design, art and architecture.

Learn how the Tate redefines museum experiences of the 21st century, offering a greater range of experiences and offering the visitor multiple points of engagement.

Tate Modern is committed to addressing imbalances in the representation of gender, race and ethnicity in the collection and is committed to gender equality in temporary exhibitions. It is among the main international art galleries to pursue a global collecting strategy and continues to acquire works by artists previously neglected by Western selections.

Tate Britain

Explore the world’s largest collection of J.M.W Turner paintings, follow the evolution of the author who was described as the “father of Modern Art” by John Ruskin. William Turner shocked his contemporaries with his loose brushwork and vibrant color palette as he portrayed the development of the modern world. Master of historical painting, landscape and marine painting, he anticipated the Impressionist revolution.

Admire Henry Moore‘s sculptures, including “Reclining figure” from 1938 which was his first work to be exhibited at the Tate Gallery. In the retrospective there are also videos, photographs, models and drawings, H. Moore in 1948 won the first postwar Venice Biennale.

Follow the imaginative suggestions of William Blake and immerse yourself in the landscapes of Jhon Constable.

The collection’s approach to the British Art History is transnational and cross-cultural, positioning Britain in relation to the world from the 16th century to the present. The new acquisitions ensure that it can present a national art narrative from a contemporary perspective, with the participation of foreign-born artists whose influence has been crucial to national developments.

Boat tour and panoramic bar

Between one gallery and another there is the opportunity to take a break in the beautiful panoramic bar of the Tate Modern and then take the Tate to Tate ferry service, which operates between the two sites, seeing the main monuments of London.