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The most colourful, witty and provocative tour of London

Photograph the newest street art work

Eat the East End specialities

Shop vintage

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Let the walls speak, understand their messages of love, fun and rebellion.

Hear the story behind the beautiful murales. From the facade of the old warehouses emerge aspects of people’s relationships and the range of human emotions.

Discover the most delicate, beautiful and fragile soul of London walking through an area that has been subject to many changes, starting from the waves of foreign migrations to the economic break-ups and that now is the most vibrant neighborhood of the capital.

The street artists are moved by different reasons, some by professional affirmation but some others express their humanitarian beliefs, draw attention to those that society has forgotten about and raise awareness on environmental issues.

Follow your guide in places that you’d never see otherwise, photograph great street art and immortalize these ephemeral expressions, do you know that the average life of a street art work in London is four weeks? and some artwork might just last for one day?

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See new trend! The East End has long had a strong relationship with the fashion industry, here people experiment and try new things without any fear at all, come with us and enter into unique vintage shops.

Come across the Jack The Ripper infamous homicide locations that are all concentrated around the enigmatic Christ Church.

Eat typical trying the East End specialities: the East End is still home to some traditional bagel bakeries, Jewish cafes and restaurants, you can still buy proper chewy bagels and get an authentic salt beef sandwich here, the neighborhood is also the curry hub of the capital, the restaurant are not fancy as in other london’s area but the curries you can try are likely to be more interesting and authentic. The East End’s jellied eels go hand in hand with the area’s other speciality dish – pie and mash

Street artists are deliberately unpredictable in locating their works but London Brick Lane and Spitalfields constitute the Mecca of London Street Art. An open air art gallery that displays many art mediums and techniques: Stencils, tags, Graffiti, Sculpture, Poster art, Sticker, Spray paint murals and Sideway chalk art, you can now learn the difference between these choices.

Join us, enjoy the East End as a local !