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Quick Details

See the Hard Rock Cafe collection

Enter a famous concert venue

Follow in the footsteps of David Bowie

Relive the Swinging Sixties

Visit top London’s music shops

Shop rare records

Find out where some famous album covers were photographed

Enter London’s musical epicenter, Soho. Discover the legacy of the Swinging London in Carnaby Street and see where the albums that made the music history were recorded.

Buy hard-to-find vinyls and share your passion with the guide and other participants.

Stroll through Soho’s streets where some of the most famous bands in the world have debuted.

The capital overflows with musical history, from the venues that hosted musical legends, to the houses where the musicians lived, from records and musical instrument’s shops to memorial murals of the stars.

Go down to the crypt of the Hard Rock Cafe and discover the memorabilia of the Rock’s Stars, a visit to this venue is a stimulating cultural experience. The Hard Rock is known for its collection of memorabilia, many having been donated but others bought at auctions around the world, including autographed guitars, world tour costumes and rare photographs. The collection began in 1979 with a Red Fender Lead II guitar by Eric Clapton, who was a restaurant regular. Clapton had asked the management to hang the guitar next to in its place to claim it.

Enter the music shops in Denmark Street, in this same street in 1964, the then almost unknown Rolling Stones recorded their self-titled debut album. Photograph locations immortalized on famous album covers. Hear the anecdotes and curiosities about the cultural revolution that took place in London in the 60s and changed forever England’s perception abroad.

Immerse yourself in the Swinging London, when the UK artists led the world record industry, but also fashion, photography, film and Pop Art.

Discover the trendiest music venues of the moment in order to have a map of the music venues where to go out at night.

Follow in the footsteps of David Bowie and The Who when they were not yet famous and appeared on the Soho scene attracted by a thousand opportunities.