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Travel around London appearing here and there where Harry Potter was spotted

Quick Details

Take the picture with the legendary trolley at platforms 9 and ¾ and with the Harry Potter statue

Find the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron and walk through Diagon Alley

Discover London in a fun way

Meet your guide at Monument, the column commemorating the Great Fire of 1666, Muggles think the fire broke out in a Pudding Lane bakery, but wizards know it came out in the basement of a house where a puppy was Welsh Green Dragon …

Discover Leadenhall Market, a characteristic 19th century covered market where the scenes of Diagon Alley in London were filmed in the first film. Hagrid accompanies Harry to buy the wand at Ollivander’s shop. At this point we are also in the heart of the City of London, the district of the city richest in history that offers us a myriad of stories to tell.

Find the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron for Diagon Alley in the Borought Market Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and hear trivia about filming in London.

Cross the Millennium Bridge but watch out for threats coming from the sky, in HP and the Half Blood Prince the bridge is destroyed by a treacherous Death Eaters attack. Discover the symbol of the Order of the Phoenix on the facade of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and climb a double decker towards Trafalgar Square.

Explore Cecil Court a street full of unconventional libraries: ancient texts of magic, alchemy and esotericism. It seems that this small street has whetted the writer J.K Rowling’s imagination in imagining Diagon Alley.

Photograph the Harry Potter statue in the square where the film premieres took place.

Reach the legendary platform 9 and three quarters in King’s Cross station, here you can take the London Hogwarts train in the wizard saga. Pose with the magical trolley and receive your photo taken by the official photographer for free. Visiting the Harry Potter shop is like a movie set and you will find all sorts of gadgets.