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See the striking contrasts between old and new and get to know the transformation of the financial district

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Discover the City of London with an official guide

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In the last decades, the City of London has become a testbed for architects, engineers, urban planners, who have designed and built futuristic but, at the same time, permeable buildings. Today, ultra-modern skyscrapers blend with welcoming public squares and pedestrian paths, respectful of the ancient fabric of the city. The redevelopment of the Square Mile also involves the use of selected materials, and the addition of spaces dedicated to socializing, such as bars, cafes and gyms. The action plan of recent years has focused on biodiversity and sustainability, both in projects and in developments. Despite the proliferation of buildings and skyscrapers, attention is paid to the quality and quantity of green spaces, both on the street level and on top of the roofs.

Depart from St. Paul’s station, leave behind Christopher Wren’s dome and the redeveloped space of Paternoster Square to cross a modern area that mixes offices, commercial spaces and breathtaking views. Reach the heart of the City and all its contrasts, from the an evocative victorian market designed by Horace Jones to the series of buildings designed by great contemporary architects, such as Foster & Partners, Richard Rogers, Rafael Vinoly, in an evocative set of courtyards, reflective windows, ingenious solutions, elevators, walkways, fountains, sculptures and hanging gardens.

skyscraepers made of steel and glass

The tour guide: My name is Claudia and I have lived in London since 2003. I am an Art Historian and official guide of the City of London. I love to show visitors and tourists the rich past of London through accessible and pleasant walks. I like to reveal the secrets of the Roman Londinium, retrace the route of the medieval city, tell the places of the Great Fire, appreciate Georgian and Victorian architecture, up to the more modern one, with skyscrapers and buildings designed by contemporary architects. I am also passionate about gardens and I feel lucky, because in and around London there are beautiful ones. If you want, we can visit some of them together.