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This is the magic castle that let you deep completely in the lives of the main characters of british history, among intrigues court, illegals loves and treasons.


Seven hundred years of history guide us to the discovery of this majesty and elegant palace at the beginning seat of the Knight’s Order, then official royal residence since 1514 when Cardinal Wolsey, King Henry VIII’s Counsel, did the stunning building we can appreciate today, where it’s still possible breath the great magic of that time.?
Touristic destination aspired and suggestive, Hampton Court is the name of the small town one hour far from Waterloo railway station in London. Once arrived in the town and after crossed the Thames, we already are in the front door garden, foretaste of the incredible, blooming park we’re going to see once inside.
Cross the main threshold we are in the Clock Court named in this way because of the astronomic clock did by Henry VIII in 1540 and used to calculate the tides flows in London Bridge. From the stairs on the left we get directly into the Henry VIII apartments where the Great Hall long more than 30 meters and tall 18, receive us with all its fascination. Nerve center of court life, it was the place of parties, dances, plays and political and love intrigues. Walls are decorated with tapestries and King’s hunting trophies, beneath an enormous high-ceiling with cantilevers built by Henry VIII and Anna Bolena once all blue and gold. As we are witness of the majesty looking around in these rooms, Hampton Court from the opposite wants to involve us totally, showing the backstage of the palace, basically the places where the luxury were coming from.
We visit the Henry VIII Kitchens that served more than 1200 meals a day and the huge food pantries and the provenders still there as they has been at that time. This idea is allowed also by the sounds, by the blood splattered on the walls of the butchery and by the big hearts still burned! Still in this section there’s the beautiful Royal Chapel completed by Henry VIII, which has an astonishing gothic vault with typical elements of Renaissance and considered one of the most important of England ever. Here we can admire the perfect reconstruction of Henry VIII Crown, melted by Oliver Cromwell in 1649.
In the end an educational route dedicated to Henry VIII and to his first years of Kingdom, when the dynamic between him, his wife Catherine of Aragon and Cardinal Wolsey would have conditioned definitely the history of Great Britain. The visit proceed in Maria II Apartments obtained from the old private rooms of Anna Bolena and those of George II reconstrued between 1732 and 1734 by the architectect William Kent who made disappear the Henry VIII official rooms. Several bedrooms are kept in darkness to suggest the idea of inconfessable secrets and illegal loves they have been protagonists! ?In east and south wings of the palace there are the William III Apartments finely frescoes by Andrea Verrio and rebuilt by Christopher Wren. Here through the Rifles Room we can see many rooms where the King kept consultations and study rooms where he and his entourage planned war strategies.
Increasing the fascination of the palace is in the end, but not for importance, the stunning Hampton Court Park with its 24 hectares of gardens, ones of the best in Europe. Here you find the mysterious and intricate labyrinth, the Rose Garden, the Orange Grove, the big fountains, the Royal Tennis Court (the ancientest of the world still used, with its 500 members!), the biggest grapevine of the world attested by the Record Guinness.
Get deeply in the history with a jump in the past of 500 years and let you enchant by the striking atmosphere and, why not...also by the ghosts of all the queens that seems to infest the castle’s walls!

When: Every Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm

Duration: 6 hours

Price: 25 £ under 18 years old, 50 £ for adult

Meeting Point: Waterloo station (train ticket)


We recommend our guests to arrive 5-10 minutes before to the meeting time

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