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Children Up to 18 years

Visit the Oldest Pubs in London

Relive the atmosphere of the old Port of London through the tour along the Thames and discover the tradition of beer by exploring the oldest pubs in London.

Pubs in Great Britain are a true institution, centers of socialization and places of recreation, frequented by people of all ages, genders, cultures, and social backgrounds.

Some history of beer.

Do you know that beer is a 9.000-year-old drink? What distinguishes an English ale from a more generic blonde beer?

In addition to revealing these curiosities, during the itinerary, we will illustrate the history of the monuments you will see, from the modern Shard (the tallest skyscraper in Europe) to the ancient Globe Theater, the theater where Shakespeare and his company staged their shows.

Here, contemporary art and surprises become protagonists: in the middle of the tour we will enter the Tate Modern, the well-known, contemporary art gallery.

The Tate Modern boasts the largest number of visitors in the world each year.

Here are exhibited the works of all the greatest artists of the 1900s: Picasso, Matisse, Dalì, Kandinsky and many others.

The Tate Modern is also interesting on an architectural level; it is in fact the conversion of a power plant to an exhibition space.

Since July 2016, the gallery has opened a new building to the public that offers a 360° panoramic position on the London skyline that you can admire.

Before concluding the tour, we will cross the Millennium Bridge: the most modern of the London bridges, and we will enter the ancient Pub “Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese,” dating back to 1200.

At the end of the tour you can stop in one of the pubs; alternatively, we will give you advice on how to continue your magical evening in London.