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London Museums: Workshop for childrens

a close up of a bird

Londra Culturale is very pleased to announce its new collaboration with professional illustrator Marco Boetti.

In association with Mr. Boetti we will now be offering our visitors the option when taking one of our museum tours to provide their children with the opportunity to participate in drawing and other art based activities. While mainly directed at children between the ages of 6 and 18, parents and other adults are more than welcome to join in and participate in the classes and the fun.

Our new art project will be coordinated and led by Marco Boetti who has in the past organized similar type programs at both the Science Festival of Genoa and the Museum of Natural History in Piacenza.

Mr. Boetti’s aim is for the participants in his group to draw inspiration from the various art collections shown in our museum tours in order for especially the younger participants to fully enjoy the experiences of both a museum visit and of a drawing and painting class.

Simply said, our project intends to make both museums and art fun while providing children with their own memories of London, its museums, the art world, and possibly of a particular artist or work of art.

At the same time, parents and adults can relax and enjoy our guided tour.


For those wishing more information and technical details please contact Dr. Marco Boetti at:


Email: [email protected]
Mob. +39 3295478635

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